Wednesday, August 1, 2007

third doctor's visit

It is with great joy that I sit down to write to you. We went in for our third consultation with our OB this morning; I say 'consultation' because unfortunately, that more accurately describes it - at this stage in a normal pregnancy, there would be normalcies that take place in an appointment that sadly we aren't getting to enjoy. But my heart is full for several reasons: one, Copeland's heart is still very strong - 147 beats/minute this time! - and that is always a thrill, hearing it flutter away on the Doppler despite her condition. And two: our OB has been compelled, perhaps by the fact that I am now past 30 weeks, to speak with the perinatologist who diagnosed Copeland about when we can deliver. Perhaps it's just knowing that we'll have a day on the calendar we can circle and begin to walk towards, and perhaps it's because I am truly excited to see her, to hold her, if only for a short, short time, but that news was the best I've gotten in a long while.

We thank you so much for your prayers. I know I say that every time, but even this morning I prayed for all of you, that God would continue to stir your hearts to think of our sweet girl, to pray for her life - even that now, the Great Physician would choose to heal her - and also to pray for us, as we approach the day of her birth. I know it can be wearying, praying for others in hard situations... I find myself struggling to do so even as I know many other believers and non-believers alike who are facing so much more than I. But I commend you and thank you... if I could, I would sit with each of you and look you in the eyes so you could know what a blessing you have been and continue to be to Conor and I. Sellers is adjusting well to the idea that her baby sister is going to be in heaven, and for this we owe you, the saints, an enormous debt of gratitude. I do believe that God has bent His ear toward each of you and has heard the cries of your hearts.

With love and anticipation...


Anonymous said...

I remember that feeling of blessing after each dr's visit when we could see Madeline and know her heart was beating. It is these little things that get us through another day. I am so glad you will have a date soon to walk toward. Try to find the joy in each movement and in knowing Copeland is happy and secure inside of you. Brian and I will continue to pray for you and Conner and Sellers too.


Laurie said...

Hi Booth and Conor,

I want to let you know I am praying for you here in California. I cannot say that I know what you are feeling in this journey you are on, but I am a mother and a grandmother and children are so precious to me. I ask God to give you His peace and joy each day that comes and goes, as He has his hands on Copeland and each breath she takes. She is a gift from God to you and I am asking for a miracle for her and you. And as Mandy said, find the joy in each movement and know that she feels your love. You have my heart and my prayers. ~*~Love and Peace to you today~*~ Laurie

Anonymous said...

Boothe, Conor, Sellers and Copeland,
We as a family continue to pray for little Copeland and your entire family. That our gracious God would shower each of you with faith, endurance, tenderness and peace. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing this journey with us. Please know that your family will continue to be in the hearts and prayers of many.
Matt, Kristin, Harrison and Sam Pierson

whitney burrough akin said...

Hey Boothe--
Love you so much. Am praying big things for Copeland this day and for that delivery date to be as soon as possible. It is such a privilege to see your faith and pray for your family.
Thanks for the update. Talk soon.

JUST A MOM said...

So HI,,, HUGS and it is good to hear a chipperness to your tone.

Wendy said...

Our whole family is praying for all of you. We think about you often.

Anonymous said...

My 6 year old daughter came to sit in my lap while I was watching the end of the video on your site about Elliott. Tears ran down her face as she asked what happened to him. I explained as best I could and told her about your sweet baby. Now, every single night, she asks for me to add Elliott and Copeland to her bedtime prayers. Know that many prayers are going up for Copeland and for you and Conor.

Michele Burns

Mary Alice said...

Boothe and Conor,

I am so grateful to God that he brought you and your sweet Sellers into our lives. Your example is a powerful one. We pray for you and for baby Copeland daily and are trusting God to hold you tightly in His strong and loving embrace.

We love all 4 of you!