Saturday, June 30, 2007

happy saturday

Good morning! I am so thankful it's Saturday. The weekend does the soul good, and it feels nice to wake up lazily, not have much of an agenda, and know that we can just be together for the next 48 hours without a lot on our "plate." Truthfully, I've spent the last six days or so with that framework wrapped around my time, but somehow, on a Saturday, it's different.

I continue to marvel at how many of you want to pray for our family... even though I know prayer is something we usually have to discipline ourselves to do, especially for things that don't pertain directly to us. I've been overwhelmed at your e-mails and calls and text messages - even posts on this blog - letting us know we remain in your prayers. It's humbling... mostly because I realize that I fall neatly into that category of humanity that struggles to remember to pray, to call out to God on behalf of others. I suspect that category is rather large, but like all things in the Christian walk, when we are willing to let Jesus change us, we begin to see that what was natural in us actually can be reformed. I'm certainly seeing that daily as we walk out this strange road God's placed us on.

So, having said that, I woke up this morning with several prayers on my heart, things I wanted to put before you, as fellow believers and as friends who are willing to help us carry this burden.

1. My sister, whom some of you know, is getting married a week from today. The irony of our two incredibly contrasting situations has struck me often, but I know God's plans are totally faultless - in fact, totally purposed. She has walked through the last week with me, in the midst of finalizing wedding plans, with such grace and compassion. Please pray blessings over her impending marriage. And I ask you to pray for Conor and I as we prepare for the family and friends we are about to encounter and for the festivities we are about to participate in, that the Lord will indeed give us something beyond what our own nature can provide. I can't determine where my heart will land day-to-day, even moment-by-moment. I would ask your prayers that the Lord will give us special covering while we are celebrating with her, so that this week - the best in her life - will be blessed in ways we can't even imagine yet.

2. We are meeting with our OB Monday for a consultation about where to go from here. I know many of you are wondering what the next steps will be and the bottomline answer is: we don't know. Trisomy-18 is apparently one of those things totally defined by statistics, and yet we know our God is able to do so much more than we are expecting. We have an amazing doctor who, without even realizing it, I'm sure, embodies a certain gentleness of spirit that truly sets us at ease. We don't know exactly what he believes and we would never presume to guess, but we know that God places each of us in specific situations with specific people so that we might reflect Christ to them. In the next few months we will have many, many interactions with doctors, nurses, specialists, etc. and we ask you to pray for them even now, that their hearts would be somehow changed, in some small way, from caring for Copeland.

3. Pray the Lord would impart to Conor and I small, even silly, notions about our daughter, that we might feel as though we are getting to know her a little better. I woke this morning, early, to the squirming sensation she so often greets me with at those wee hours. It suddenly hit me - well, she's definitely more of a morning person than her sister. Wow. Just one of those things that even in-utero I can sort of "claim" as knowledge about my own flesh-and-blood. Somehow, it makes the burden lighter.

May this weekend be a blessed one for each of you.


simonsays said...

Thanks for specifics to be praying about! Your sis is already in my prayers - and will continue to be! We look forward to celebrating with your family next weekend!

May the rest of your weekend be blessed!



Katie and Dan said...


You are truly an amazing woman. I am so honored to be able to pray for you guys right now. Just knowing that your hearts lie with Christ - even in this desert you are currently walking through - is such an inspiration. It is amazing what the heart can endure yet it is so reassuring that we can rely 150% on Christ and His undying, eternally promised love for each of us.

Dan and I are lifting you guys up constantly and I am counting on miracles galore to abound before you as you humbly lay your hearts before God's throne. He is a mighty and faithful Father and I am so honored to be able to lift you guys up before him right now.

Katie and Dan Beall
(Shannon Jones' cousins)

Missy said...

Boothe-I have forwarded this to the girls in my Sunday school class! Please know that they will all be praying for Copeland and all of you! Your writings are such a testimony to us all. Have a restful Sunday! Love, Missy Mc

Meg said...

Boothe, I just got connected to this. Wanted you to know that I will be keeping all of you in my prayers. Thanks for being so willing to share so much of yourself. It's very powerful to read. I have cared for a number of little ones with trisomy-18 in my work in the cardiac ICU at the children's hospital. Any and all feelings you may have are totally normal - and your faith will be the only thing that can carry you completely through, even if some days it may not quite feel that way. That's when you can trust on all your family and friends to lift you up and carry you in their prayers.
Much love, Megan (Ramsey) Reynolds

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you, Conor, Sellers and Copeland. We will pray specifically for this coming week and for your needs. I pray that God will give you the strength when you need it, and rest when you are unsteady of how things will be this week. I pray that you may enjoy every minute with your girls even if Copeland is poking you in the ribs and Sellers is having a tantrum! You're a wonderful mommy and wife! I pray that you can drink in the joys that God offers AND drink in the grace too when the joys seem dimly far off.
all my best - in Christ

Paula said...


You may never know how many lives you have touched by sharing your journey. Our God is a loving God and knows you very deeply. I can see through your writings that His peace is already enfolding you.

I will pray that your sister's celebration is very special and that through it all you will feel very uplifted, that God will help you to rejoice in her happiness.

I know that every person caring for your family and little Copeland will be touched in a very wonderful way as God uses every situation in our lives to bring His amazing love. He has chosen you and Copeland to be special witnesses.

Continuing in prayer for your family.

In His Love,


L2donahue said...

Dear Boothe,
I am so moved by your willingness to be vulnerable, your desire to share your suffering, your fears, your pain and your joy in this journey. I love the fact that you've opened the window of your heart and have allowed us to look in -- to see Copeland, to know her, to be witnesses to her life.

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow (James 1:17)." Copeland is a perfect gift from God. She has been made in His image and has been made for His purposes.

Because you are willing to share your daughter's life, others, like me, are being blessed. Her perfection is being realized and her gifts will be beyond number.

Our family is praying for you. We are walking this path with you. Baker, Brennan, Cara and Eliza are lifting their voices to the Father and praying for you, Conor, Sellers and Copeland.

Obviously, God has raised His sons and daughters as a community around you to give you love and encouragement -- what a beautiful site to witness. Even more beautiful is God's promise: "I will never leave you or forsake you." (Heb. 13:5) May He continue to make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Much love,

Laura Lyn

Kyla Muns said...

I regret that this is my first time to comment on your blog, but I will assure you that prayers have been lifted for your family more than once. I just want you to know that WE ARE PRAYING WITH YOU. You have a precious family and we marvel at the way that you are handling this situation and the way that you are glorifying God through it.


Mandy said...

Boothe and Conor -
Please know that I am praying for you without ceasing and praising God for the witness you are being for Him. Your posts are both heartbreaking and inspiring and it is a privelege to travel this road with you. Please know that God loves you two, your marriage, your daughters and is showing Himself strong in the complexities and rollercoaster that is your life right now. He aches for your sorrows and takes pleasure in your praise. He is working a mighty work in and through your family. The love you demonstrate for each other, Sellars and Copeland is a reflection of His love. I pray for your relationship as husband and wife, your relationships as parents and as children yourselves. Thank God for the loving support you are receiving from your parents as they must be agonizing helplessly and prayerfully with you. The pictures of Sellars and Copeland together are glorious and God's love shines through them. Just like other posters, I believe you two were chosen for the honor of being Copeland's parents. Please rest in His love of you and for you and continue to praise His name. Much love, Mandy