Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, I confess I'm writing this without the benefit of contact lenses, so forgive me if there are some spelling mistakes. I'm sure I have some glasses somewhere, but it would take time to look, and the urge to write my thoughts down keeps me glued to my seat in lieu of any perhaps fruitful search.

Tonight I watched "Braveheart" with my sister. I've seen that movie a thousand times. I love it. But something struck me tonight that I'd never heard before. William Wallace, the hero, is being asked to "accept the [English] king's proposals" and lead his men (a rather savage bunch of Scottish peasants) back home, away from the war they've waged on Britain. The princess, whom the king sends to speak with Wallace, promises him lands, titles and nobility... if only he'll comply. "Peace is made by such things," she says. Without blinking (and looking rather saddened), he replies simply, "Slaves are made by such things!"

Indeed. I wonder how often the world offers us things - even good things - in exchange for our bondage. Tonight, it struck me: God wants my freedom. He designed me for it... and He sent His Son to secure it. It's mine. I just have to walk in it. There are so many distractions around me, even "good" distractions, that volley for my allegiance. And by "good," I mean things I don't doubt Jesus would understand my enjoyment of. But what He offers me in His outstretched hands is something so much greater, of so much more value, that I believe He's willing to allow me to suffer a little so that I might reach out and take it.

As David reminds us, we are born into our chains. But Jesus came to set the captive free. And now He sends you and I out to show others what it means to live in that freedom.

Copeland has a pink nursery. Her crib sits in front of the window and the room has a cheery, airy kind of feel. I confess my heart breaks when I consider that she will likely never sleep in her bed or crawl on the carpet or wear the clothes in her closet. It is these things that we are taught mark a life. And yet, something in my soul whispers, "Don't get distracted with what your eyes can see. It is for freedom that I came. And freedom she will have."


bat4ut said...

Boothe- Your attitude and faith encourage me. Thank you for being honest in your feelings. Regardless the outcome, you and Copeland will have an enormous impact on lives around you. We love you so much.

kim said...

Boothe-You do not know me, but I have been connected to your story through a mutual friend and I just want you to know I am praying strength for you. Our God is good and He knows your heart. Everytime you come to mind, I will pray for you and your family and baby girl.
Kim B

whitney akin said...

boothe--your pursuit of THE truth even in the midst of this sadness and uncertainty is worship. we are praying for you, conor, selly and copeland. may you continue to feel His grip and know His power.
much love,
whitney and will

Jan said...

Hey Boothe,
Your words continue to minister to me and many of our deacons and Stephen Ministers who are praying for all of you and are aware of your blog. Your cousins, Rick and I pray for you too with confidence in a God who will never leave us nor forsake us.

Hillary Kouba said...

This truly moved me. Thank you for sharing.

Emily said...

I signed your most recent blog moments ago, then started going back and reading more... You made this entry on the day that my baby girl went to Heaven. Your final words say it all. Thank you for reminding me, even now in the midst of my stubborness and despair, that Miller Grace has freedom, freedom that Christ died for. And that, somehow, is enough.


Sunny said...

Boothe- I am praying for Sellers today. I have led praise and worship with her kingdom kids class at church, and love her precious spirit. It is an honor to stand in the gap for you.
Peace ...not as the world gives,
Sunny Thomas

Julie said...

I love the movie Braveheart and the picture of Christ it gives us. One of my very favorite scenes is at the end when he is on the "cross shaped" torture block. It is towards the end. He looks out in the crowd and sees the face of his wife who was killed and he yells, "Freedom". I attended The Sacred Romance conference by John Eldredge. At that conference (in 2002), he showed that film clip and said, "It was your face that He saw as he died for your freedom". I have never seen that movie the same, nor my relationship with Christ.

I can tell by your writing that you have a beautiful heart.

I don't understand the things that God brings into our lives sometimes, yet I know He uses them all to reveal more of Himself to us.

As I read this post and a later post I can see His revelations of who He is to you through this tragedy in your life.

You truly do have a radiant, beautiful testimony of Him.

I am blessed to find your blog. It will be bookmarked on my blog.

You are precious!