Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brooke Fraser - Shadowfeet

My husband recently showed me this video on YouTube. I have found it to be amazingly refreshing - and extraordinarily comforting. We're all going to have seasons in life where the world truly does seem to be falling out from underneath us. To know that we can find our security - the rock beneath our feet - in Jesus is not only a relief, it's a necessity. I love that of all the ways in which this young woman could've expressed that notion. she chose to simply state: "You make all things new." Jesus heals the scars of the abused, gives a name to the forgotten, lifts the face of the ridiculed... He truly does make all things right and whole again.


JUST A MOM said...

Very nice thanks for sharing.... Hope you find time to rest over the weekend.

Melissa said...

thanks, boothe! i really needed that this morning.

Chels said...

Sis, that was a great song. Isnt it amazing to know that we ARE found in Him. When we are lost, hurt, broken...we find our strength in Him. But even when everything is great and seems perfect...He is still our everything and our identity. We are ALWAYS found in Him. I love you so much....we're still believing and praying. I'm standing in the gap for you, sis!