Friday, September 14, 2007


It is amazing to me that we are fast approaching the week. So many things have happened in the last few hours that I find myself remembering will not occur again until Copeland is born. It's somewhat surreal, and at the same time, almost so heavy and solid in its reality that it hurts to think we'll be back at home in less than a week, with or without our precious girl.

I wanted to let you all know that we are making it. We are remarkably at peace... the Lord has heard the abundant prayers that I know are going up for us continually and we are feeling the impact of your supplications. Recently I heard of a family who lost a beautiful 2 year-old; keeping up with them via their own blog and reading how the Lord is responding daily to the prayers of the saints surrounding them is truly one thing that encourages me not to grow weary as I lift them up to the Father. So I assure you: I am feeling the fullness of the love and support you're pouring out on our family and I would not be where I am, walking with any sort of sanity or joy, if it weren't for you. Conor and I thank you and pray, even now, that as you go to the Father on our behalf, He would respond to the needs and anxieties in your own life and bless you.

We met with our pastor at church last week and it was an unexpected, but much needed, gift. I had thought I might not go; I felt that something else involving the details about Copeland's life and probable death would be too much. But as I dropped Sellers off at school, the Lord prompted me to drive that way. It seems He knew it would be better for me to sit and weep with my husband in a church office than in a parking lot alone. I find that revealing my emotion is much easier on this computer screen than in person. Crying in front of anyone is somewhat uncomfortable. But it's necessary and I know that in the days to come there will be a lot of emotions on display that a few months ago I might have found totally embarrassing. I pray that if you happen to witness the tears, you won't feel totally ill-at-ease yourself. Please know that my weeping - and that of my family - is simply an extension of the weight of our hearts. Both joy and grief have a fullness. "My cup overfloweth..."

The Lord used the pastor we met with to reveal some things about Conor and I that I think we probably knew but hadn't connected to this situation. I realize He is shaping and changing me, but I hadn't thought that perhaps part of this is about breaking some of the chains from around my heart and sweeping clean the corners of my soul that I have for so long left unattended. Apparently I am quite legalistic. I laugh at the word 'apparently'; I spend the majority of my time feeling massively guilty about something, so much so that not feeling guilty elicits a sort of discontentedness in me, almost like lethargy. Guilt is for me what liquor is to an alcoholic; while I know it's wrong to indulge, obviously un-Biblical, I find it's almost necessary for me to operate at full-function. It sounds odd, but perhaps it's because guilt facilitates opportunities for work, ways for me to feel useful and important in my own salvation, or even just my own well-being. If I feel guilty about something I've eaten, after all, the quickest and most satisfying antidote is to go to the gym. We live in a society that tells us we can 'fix' the stuff about ourselves that we most loathe - or are supposed to loathe - if we try hard enough or dig deep enough. If it weren't true we wouldn't be buying self-help books in a monstrous continuum.

I hadn't considered - or at least not long enough for it to prompt me in any other direction - that God isn't concerned with what my idea of personally "fully-functioning" is. I hadn't considered that He might, in fact, want to blow that idea to smithereens.

I'd like to hang onto my 'works-based' religion, if I could. Like I said, without guilt, I lose the opportunity to earn forgiveness. WIthout a bought excuse, I lose what is unfortunately my most powerful motivation for doing good things. And without doing good things, I really can't figure out why Jesus loves me if I don't believe in grace. And sometimes the only way to receive grace, and to really understand what you're accepting (that you are responsible for exactly 0% of what God fully accomplished in saving you), is to be broken. Broken enough that you can't hold onto anything except Jesus' hand when He stretches it out.

This season has broken me. It breaks me daily. Someone recently told me that going through an experience like this will leave you with a "limp" - that I can expect to never feel totally "put together" again. They weren't referring to emotions, I don't think. They didn't mean I'd be a constant wreck for years to come. I think they simply meant that the Lord will allow me to incur a wound that, while He may heal it, will leave a scar I will never be able to forget - certainly not cover up. I know the Father uses the weak; the stories of Jesus healing the crippled in the New Testament reveal, over and over again, God's heart for the lame. Irregardless, I don't want to be included in that demographic; I'd rather be 'whole' in the eyes of the world, whole by the standards that I know to be real here in this life. And so Jesus understood - knew from the beginning of time - that I'd need to be reminded that in my weakness, He is made strong. It is in the things the world calls foolish and insignificant that He reveals His glpry. May His strength swallow up my frailty, His joy my sorrow.


Laurie said...

Boothe, My prayers for you continue as you prepare for Copelands arrival. I find my heart holding its breath for you and remind God to hold all of you close and tight and gentle. I wish I could do more and know that I cannot, and my heart is so heavy for you in this season. I was glad to read that you chose to weep with Conor in the church office, not alone in a parking lot. I pray the Lord to draw you so close as a family now and in the days ahead, and you feel His arms around the four of you, holding you all together in His Love. You are pleasing to Him just as you are Boothe, His strength will swallow up your frailty and He will give you His Joy for Your Sorrow. Sweet heavenly rest and sleep and continued peace be yours tonight and the days ahead. Prayers are constant for you and for Precious Copeland, a complete miracle little baby girl. Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

It is so encouraging to read this and to see the good that God is already producing in you. He is growing new life within your heart for Him. You and Conor have been sowing seeds of faith for the last 9 months and you are already beginning to harvest them as He bears His fruit all throughout your life and what He is doing with your heart. I will be on my knees on Tuesday. What time do you go in? Thursday night at Encounter Matt gave an amazing talk about resting in the Lord. If you have time you really should go and download it at Its called "the rest of God". I love you and am thankful for the way that God has drawn my heart to you as a sister in Him through these prayers. I cannot wait to see you one day with a whole new love and embrace for you and your family. One of the biggest things I learned this summer is that I did not love those people of Africa because they were needy. I loved them because of their characteristics, their passions, because they were a part of my family in Jesus. Know that the love that you are all feeling isn't because you are needy right now, it is because you are loved. We are all broken, no one has it together. The most refreshing people in life are those that I can look to as they say "Yea look I'm so screwed up too." It's so much more of a longing there to walk life with them because they arent wearing a mask, not trying to put themselves together over and over again when we arent called to ever be put together until we reach heaven.

Paula said...


Copeland has been in constant communication with you Conor and Sellers ever since she was conceived. She has been a wonderful vessel for God to show His love and the minute you set eyes on her you will be washed with that love and know His peace.

I know that the peace you feel now is your precious little girl comforting you as she prepares to be held by you.

Love, Paula

courtney said...


I find it absolutely incredible the way that the Lord is using you and your family to expose the honest truth of the world's woes while at the same time revealing His ultimate compassion. My prayers are constant and fervent as your daughter's birthday approaches. I am only one of many; of that I am sure.

Courtney (Nelms) Ashburn

sharon said...


juliekeefe said...

Praying for you tonight and thanking God for your honesty. It is teaching me.

Julie in FL

Emily said...


Even now, the Lord is filling you with words that allow the rest of us a glimpse into the work he is doing in your soul. I know what you mean to be broken by this season. I keep clinging to hope that my Lord will take all the pieces that remain and make something new and beautiful out of it... though I cannot always imagine how. Copeland will forever be a part of you and because of her impact on your heart, your family, your life, you will never, ever be the same... you will be better. I'm praying for God to keep His mighty arms around you and that He would be gentle to you in the days to come. This is not a mystery to Him. Rest in knowing that your every need will be met in Him. May He bless and keep you and let His face shine upon you.

Standing in the gap,

The Cassetty's

anna louise wolfe said...

Boothe, I am Alston Wise's younger sister. A while ago, she had told me about Copeland's health and your blog. Ever since then, I have been praying for your family and reading your blog to keep up with how y'all are doing. I just want you to know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare for dear Copeland's birth. I can't begin to comprehend all that you are going through, but I want you to know that I (and I'm sure countless others) appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your hearts. And it has just struck me how many lives your precious daughter has touched for the glory of God already! I will be praying for Christ to gather you, Conor, and the girls in His arms and to be carrying y'all close to His heart.
Take care, Anna Louise

Bragans said...

Boothe, I am a friend of Katie Beall's. She told me about your blof months ago and I have been reading and praying ever since. Words cannot describe how your war story has pushed my own heart towards the Lord and many others. I pray that your hearts will remain at peace in the days that follow. Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts. Thank you too for being real. I pray Isaiah 43:1 - 2 for you "But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you: when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you."
Standing in the Gap

Rid said...

Boothe, just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and Conor. I just found out last evening through a mutual friend. I am praying God will strengthen you both for the days ahead and will allow you to see His grace through every moment of this journey. May He do what only He can do in your days of sorrow. God bless you guys.

Malcolm said...

Boothe, I called your Dad a few weeks ago for an update since I didn't know your blog site at the time. Know that Martha and I are praying for all of you during this time and will continue to in the days ahead. You and yours remain in our prayers and hearts. May you feel the loving arms of Jesus wrapped around you and know His love deeper than you ever have. May you feel the prayers of others lifting you up.

Anonymous said...

My quiet time this morning was over the God's name Miqweh Yisrael...which mean Hope. It was amazing...talking about the name Hope meaning stabilizer. It steadies us in times of fear and difficulty, not because we know that everything will turn out as we want, but because we know that God is TRUSTWORTHY. Hope is what helps us stay on course regardless of circumstances. Biblical hope finds its roots in God and in his goodness, mercy, and power. We exercise our hope when we endure patiently. (From the Book Praying the Names of God)

"A Blessings on the man who puts his trust in the Lord, with the Lord for his hope. He is like a tree by the waterside that thrusts its roots to the stream; when the heat comes it feels no alarm, its foliage system stays green; it has no worries in a year of drought, and never ceases to bear fruit..Hope in the Lord" ( Jeremiah 17:7-8, 13)

My prayer for you guys is hope this week...We love you guys!
Anna Berry & boys

Anonymous said...

Oh, Boothe- though I cannot be physically present in the church prayer room today, my heart is there and with your precious family as you prepare to meet Copeland finally...with my entire soul and being bowed to floor in desperate plea to our Father... Oh, God, hear our prayers for this dear family of Yours. I praise You, God, for binding Satan away from this sacred time and in advance for your blessings of peace and treasure (as the pregnant Mary pondered and treasured in her heart) on Boothe, Conor, Sellers, and those whom they have chosen to be physically near during Copeland's time of birth tomorrow. God, Your works are so evident in the Farley's lives. I pray boldly, with others, for a miracle. God, I thank you for the promise of Your glory (which is already blazing through this season in the Farley's lives) and of Your providing for our every need and never leaving nor forsaking us. God, allow NO room for doubt that YOU ARE PRESENT; that YOU LOVE Boothe, Conor, Sellers, and Copeland; and that YOU HAVE GREAT THINGS IN STORE for these, your children. God, bless Boothe with peace, with health through delivery, with clear eyes/mind/heart to cherish each moment when she finally sees precious Copeland face-to-face. Bless Conor with peace, with strength to love and support his wife and children, and also with clarity of mind/heart to treasure his meeting of precious Copeland in person. Oh, God, bless big sister Sellers with all that her little heart and mind and body need to engage this time and her long-awaited baby sister. God, give her peace and just the right understanding of everything that only You know she needs. God, be with little Copeland on her entry into this world. We do pray for a miracle, that if it be within your will, you will deliver her from these physical ails and surprise the world. God, only You know the outcome and all details to follow in the Farley's lives. Praise You for already walking with them through this valley and being glorified in this heavy, heavy season. Praise You for Your glory yet to come. God, please allow this experience to draw Boothe and Conor together not apart, and to draw Boothe, Conor, Sellers, and Copeland closer to Your heart than ever before. Thank you, Jesus, for this sweet family's faith and for all of the lives you are changing through them.
Be their Shepherd, Lord. Lead them beside still waters, restore their souls, let them fear no evil for Thou art with them, comfort them with Your rod and staff, prepare their banquet table and annoint their heads with oil, overflow their cups. Surely goodness and mercy will follow the Farleys all of the days of their lives, and they will dwell in Your house forever. In Jesus' Holy name, Amen.
We love you,
Kathryn, Matt, Benjamin, and Madelyn Miller

Renee said...

Boothe, you know we've been praying for you ever since Kim told us about your sweet family a few months back and continue to do so. Especially in the next few days and praying that God would grant you all rest, peace, and wisdom in the hours and days ahead.

indyhumes said...

I encourage you to read the story about Jacob and how he wrestled with the angel. He walked off with a limp, but walked away with his blessing. I heard a great sermon on that. God Bless!

Laurie said...

Lord, may your peace that passes all understanding lead this precious family into Copelands birthday tomorrow. I plead with you to give them the desire of their hearts as I know you are able. Please give them a deep and abiding rest tonight, remove all anxiety and fear, and give them your strength for tomorrow. I am still asking you for a miracle above all miracles Lord. May the glory be yours as they meet this little girl they have waited for and may you fill them with joy, overflowing, and a love that they have never felt before this season. Bless Copelands delivery and keep her strong. Be gentle with her, just as you have been while forming her, every little detail is known to you. May she rejoice in the love that is waiting for her in this precious family. Please Lord, be ever so gentle tomorrow.

Elizabeth S said...

Will be praying for you tomorrow. My prayer is for peace, and that God would infuse the four of you with His strength. Blessings, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I don't even know if you'll remember me, but I am Nancy Powell's niece. I have been following your blog for a few weeks. I wanted you to know that I am praying for your sweet family and for the miracle that I know God can bestow upon you. I pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding for you and Conor during this time.
Candace Groves Crofford

Erin Faubus said...

I've never wished that I still lived in Nashville as much as I do right now, just to be doing something, anything for y'all. But I am there in Spirit, and I will be praying all day tomorrow, for peace and for a smooth delivery and that God will give you strength. Love, Erin

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray...
"May the God of hope fill you with all the joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Romans 15:13

JulieM said...

I just happen to come across your blog. I know it is a God thing. As I read your posts tears flowed from my eyes. We walked through this exact situation with some friends. I see so many same thoughts, feelings questions ... that they had and felt. We were with them during the delivery and were also with them when their precious daughter went to be with the Lord. She was a beautiful little girl and touched many lives drawing people to her creator. We truely celebrated her little life while God gave her breathe. I pray God will be everything you need during this time and that you will be able to lay all the unkowns and worry at his feet! I also pray God will use you and your sweet Copeland to draw people to Him!! My prayers are with you!

Melissa Platt said...

i continue to be humbled by your words. my heart is hurting for you, boothe and for your sweet family. the Lord has been faithful to keep you on my mind constantly. i will be praying for you all day tomorrow. blessings to all four of you!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Sarah at In the Midst of It. Know that I will be lifting your family up to the Savior tomorrow and that He will be very near. In His Grace, Laurie

Keri Ann said...

I also came here tonight through Sarah's In the Midst of It. I have been tremendously blessed by reading your precious family's story.

I will be praying...and praying...and praying some more...

Jenna said...

Lifting your sweet family up in prayer...With love, Jenna

Courtney said...

Praying for you...

"Cast your burden upon the Lord, and
He shall sustain you." Psalm 55:22

Child of My love, lean hard,
And let Me feel the pressure of thy care;
I know thy burden, child, I shaped it;
Poised it in Mine own hand, made no proportion
In its weight to thine unaided strength;
For even as I laid it on, I said,
I shall be near, and while she leans on Me,
This burden shall be Mine, not hers;
So shall I keep My child within the circling arms of Mine own love.

Here lay it down, nor fear
To impose it on a shoulder which upholds
The government of worlds. Yet closer come;
Thou art not near enough; I would embrace thy care
So I might feel My child reposing on My breast.

Thou lovest Me? I knew it. Doubt not then
But loving Me, lean hard.

Anonymous said...

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jer. 33:3

Truly, Boothe and Conor, words fail me at a time such as this. I simply want you to know that I love you and am praying for you, Sellers and Copeland. Above all, I pray that you will always and unfailingly continue to "call upon the Lord" and know in great faith that He WILL answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things... in His time and in His way. Love, Patrice

Anonymous said...

Oh, Boothe, how I'm praying for you tonight!! I'm sure that God's Hand is present in all of this, but it is a true miracle (not explainable any other way...) that you and Conor are already able to recognize that. I praise God for your faith, and the example for us that you already are. I'm praying blessings on your sweet sweet family.
In Christ's Love,
Paige Smith

Diane Dike said...

It is Diane Dike, the one who sent the "Love Kit" to you that I hope arrived safely. It has the book, "Gracie Comes Home." As you see I dedicated the book to "All those who loved me, even when I was broken." I am awakened at 2 this morning and unable to go back to sleep thinking of you... my heart hurts and I understand all that you have said about guilt and brokenness in your latest authentic blog. It resonates in my soul. I am listening to Michael W. Smith's song, "There She Stands." "When the night seems to say all hope is lost, gone away but I know, I'm not alone, the light she stands..." Yet, I do not think of the flag this time...I think of you. And you do not stand alone... as the tears fall, I stand with you, even now here in Colorado.
I know like Michael so profoundly wrote, "someone reaches to you and pulls you from the rubble..." and we know it is Jesus. We may be broken, even torn and tattered but to know we do not stand alone,,, in our brokenness, guilt, and great need of Him.
So in the dawns early light His "Healing Rain" is falling down all around you, as prayers are lifted for you all over the world. I pray you experience His healing, as it falls all around.
These are just two of the 100 songs and scriptures I have in my cell phone to help me deal with the daily pain of living and it helps me hold on to HOPE!!
In these early hours I wonder if I am making any sense? What I want to say is,
HE loves you... I love you. I stand with you.
Your sister in Christ,
Diane Dike

Anonymous said...

Boothe and Conor,
My prayers go with you this morning as you prepare for Copelands arrival. Your desire to reflect God's love is powerful. As one who owns several of those deep scars, but none as great as the one you possibly face, please know that our Savior is the balm that can and will bring not only relief but Life when you think it has all drained out of you. Love, Betsy Powell

kate yeager said...

blessed that you are on my heart and praying for you constantly. copeland is very much loved.

Laurie said...

Boothe and Conor,

Praying for you this morning like never before, asking for Gods perfect peace to cover you as this is Copelands birthday at last. May the delivery be gentle and your minds and hearts have the peace that passes all understanding, as God, the Great Physician presents your beautiful daughter into your loving arms for the first time. Praying for more than one miracle, whatever He choses to give and for grace and mercy to fill the delivery room. May the fruit of your labor be blessed beyond measure and all who are in the room with you to see Gods glory. I love you guys and my heart is holding its breath for you today. May Joy spill all over you and fill the room. Love and Much Prayer, Laurie

Mindy said...

HI Boothe!
I wanted to tell you that I will be praying for you and your family as baby Copeland arrives.
I also wanted to say that I can SO identify with the legalistic thing. It is a struggle for me daily as well!
In HIM -

erika said...

I'm praying for you and your precious family this morning. I pray for peace and that you feel God's loving arms around you. Your faith is encouraging to me, your authenticity brings tears to my eyes with every post I read... thank you for being so real! May God bless you today like never before.
Lots of love and many prayers,
erika mcpherson powell

Cathy Brown said...

I found your link through Sarah "In the Midst of it". I live in Greensboro, NC and I will be praying for you.

Emalee said...

I've been praying since i woke up that you'll enjoy every breath with Copeland. Thank you for continuing to pour your hear out and teaching me so many things.


roland said...

Boothe and Conor,

today is Sept 18th and I am paralyzed from work as I pray for you. My mind cannot focus on anything but you two and your extended family.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you today.

JMom said...

Boothe- I followed and prayed for sweet Elliot Mooney. I just read your story today and am lifting you up here in Georgia. Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Farley Family,
My prayer is that today you will have some peace and comfort. Our Father in Heaven loves and cares for everyone of his children while we are here on earth and I pray that you continue to feel that today and in the days to come. I will be thinking of your family all day. Copeland's little life is a miracle!

Pam in So. California

{Karla} said...

Boothe and Conor,

Your precious family is in my prayers today. You've been on my heart and mind since last night.

I will continue to pray as I follow you travels on the road laid before.

Prayers and blessings,
(in Nashville also)

Mary Alice said...

Boothe & Conor,

My whole day is a prayer for you today as you welcome Copeland into the world. What a blessed little girl that she is already loved and prayed for so very much and has so many people thinking of her today, her birthday.

I love you all and trust that Jesus is holding you tight.


Anonymous said...

Boothe and Conor,
I am so thankful for our God's sovereignty! He is almighty!
I am praying today that the Lord fulfills all of your hopes for this day. I pray that He is merciful, granting even more than you had thought you wanted or needed. I pray that your family becomes even more solid than they have ever been. I pray that your body heals quickly from the birth and that there are no complications. I pray that you may feel great joy today!

Kara Sheets said...

we are praying today for peace, comfort, joy, and endurance. may you rest and trust in the refuge of God's arms

Melissa Platt said...

can't think of anything but you today. praying continually, just wanted you to know.

Anonymous said...

Your family is in my continual prayer today. May God bless each moment and show Himself in a mighty way.

Michele Burns

Beth & Joseph Wingfield said...

We are praying for you all today. May God bless you richly.
Beth & Joseph Wingfield

Melanie said...

Boothe, I was directed to your blog by your sister-in-law, Allison. My name is Melanie, and I am an old friend of hers. She shared with me your story and asked me to pray for you on this day when your daughter is born. I am also a believer and actually have a dear friend who lost her first 2 children to a genetic illness 2 months ater they were born. I have watched her struggle through some incredibly difficult times with God, only to come out as a witness to the grace and power of God to all around her. Being a mom also, I can't imagine the pain you and your husband are feeling, but I know God is there to meet you in it. Please know that I will pray for you today as my fellow sister in Christ Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I was awoken from my sleep at 2am thinking of you...I feel to my knees as I awoke this morning praying for you...I continue throughout this day to lift your family in prayer.

May God Bless You And Keep You Cradled in His Strong Arms...

Katie and Dan said...

Bless you, sweet Boothe and Conor. We are lifting you up and standing in the gap. You are amazing parents and Copeland will be blessed being held in your strong arms today. God bless you and your precious time with your daughter. We love you, Katie and Dan Beall

lindsay said...

Praying, praying, praying...

Anonymous said...

Boothe - I am not religious and you don't know me...but know that I am thinking of you and Copeland and your entire family today...I have not stopped thinking about you since I woke up this morning.

Constance said...

Praying today that the God of all comfort, will grant His peace that passes human understanding to you and that there are rivers of mercy and grace poured out exceedingly all over you!
Connie Hopkins

Crystal Varenkamp said...

Farley family-
You are constant in my mind and on my heart today. I've been in conversation with our Heavenly Father all morning on your behalf, and right this minute I'm praying that He would grant you peace and sweet moments. We love you and will continue to pray...
Crystal Varenkamp

AuntieB said...

I just found you through Sarah (In The Midst of It). I wish I would've found you earlier, but I read most of the old posts.

I understand what you're talking about when you talk about "scars". They may not be physical. Out in the open for people to look at, but they're there. You know they're there. Conor will know they are there. Sellers will know they are there. They will both have their own, too, but I pray that The Healer will soothe on some of that Balm of Gilead. Pour His holy oil on those wounds, that He will be what is reflected in them.

"Grief and pain. Oft betrayed. Countless times I've been dismayed from all the darkness that life's struggles bring. I may look so very marred, for these battles will leave scars. But then what you see, that's only how it seems.

They're just reminders to other weary souls. That whatever life may bring, God is in control. These scars are not a picture of the pain that I've walked through. They're just reminders of what God can do.

Some are painful, some are deep, but the scars I bear on me, they're just reminders of the power of The Lord. I have read what He can do, and I've found that it's all true. For in every wound He pours His healing oil.

I may look battered with all these scars. It may seem that life, for me, has been too hard. But these scars are not a picture of the pain that I've walked through. They're just reminders of what God can do." - Kyla Rowland

Father, I don't personally know this couple, but they trust in You. They are my brother and my sister. I pray that whatever the outcome of the delivery of this precious gift, You would be found to be glorified above everything else. May Your presence saturate everything in that hospital room. May You dispatch angels from glory to guard this family against the enemy. Charge them to stand wing to wing so that the enemy may not be able to penetrate. May he find no stronghold. May he gain no ground. I pray that you will grant this family the opportunity to keep this baby girl for as long as You see fit. And if You deem it time to take her Home soon, may You hide this family in the cleft of The Rock. If they fall forward, they fall into You. If they fall backward, they fall into You. If they would fall to either side, they fall into You. And if they just fall down, You would pick them up, hold them tight to You, and let them hear Your heartbeat until they can stand once again. I pray that You would be with each of the medical staff as they help care for this family. I pray for the rest of the immediate family, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. May they know that You are fully in control. Thank You for the privilege to bring our praises and requests to You. Thank You that You care. In the wonderful, powerful, precious, and holy name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

AuntieB said...

Sorry about the length of that comment. I should've made that a bit shorter.

Bonnie Keen said...

precious Boothe,
I spent this morning in deep prayer
for you and Copeland, for Conor
and Mike and Paula, your entire
sweet lady of such beauty, your honesty and tremendous pain, the transparent cost of having faith in the face of agony is
an ongoing testament to how hard
it is for people of faith when
our world turns upside down.
Our prayers stay with you,
We weep and praise God with you
and will not stop remembering
you to the Father.
in our Jesus,
unexpected joy, blessing and healing to you.
You will wear the mark proudly dear one.
bonnie keen

Anonymous said...

Boothe, I found you through Sarah's In the Midst of It, and read your entire journal last night. Oh how my tears flowed! I have only been lifting you up in prayer since last night, but I have been thinking of you all my busy day long, and praying for you and Conor, Sellers and Copeland. You are suddenly so dear to my heart, having been so open and honest and vulnerable here. I can't fathom what might be going on for you as I type this, but I will continue to pray and pray. My heart is filled with love and tenderness towards you and your loved ones, and precious Copeland especially. I have asked friends online to pray too. I just wanted to tell you I'm praying for you, and that you are loved and lifted up, all the way from England. Love, Alice xxx

Jena Baker said...

Conor, Boothe, and Sellers,

Found your blog through Poppy Joy's blog site. You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day. I pray that your time with Copeland is so special and that you may not forgot one moment. God is in control and Copeland's life will change so many.

God Bless!
Jena Baker
Memphis, TN

natalie said...

I'm thinking of you and your family today, praying for you. It's 4:10 on Tuesday, September 18, 2007, and I hope your sweet little girl is resting in your arms....

Anonymous said...

Boothe, One of the greatest things about your writing in the Franklin Magazine (and here) is you speak the truth that is in your heart. At the end of the day, all we can do with those around us is to endeavor to speak the truth. Our children crave it. Our parents wish they could do it more eloquently. And most of us don't learn how to do it until we are older if we are lucky to learn it at all. You have the simple timeless gift of speaking from the heart. It touches people you will never know and it deeply touches those you love even if they are only with you for a short time.

Diane Dike said...

Haven't stopped thinking about you!
Stay Strong and Courageous!
God Bless You!
Diane Dike xo