Wednesday, September 19, 2007

some more pictures

Sellers and BB (Boothe's Mom) getting to hold her for the very first time. Sellers is already a great big sister.

Sellers was beside herself with excitement when she first got to meet her baby sister

Sweey tiny little Copeland

The Grandmothers BB Boothes mom and Mimi Conors mom

Pops - Conors dad, Papa, Boothe's dad, Conor and his two girls


Bragans said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a beautiful picture! God's love is extravagant!

Mary Alice said...

You have the two most beautiful daughters on the planet. I know you know that, but seriously....precious, precious photos. THANK YOU so much for sharing them with us.

Still praying. All day.

Paula said...

It is such joy to witness the love that surrounds beautiful Copeland. God is indeed present with you all.

Thank you for sharing.

Carol Lochridge said...

Dear Boothe and Connor,
I am amazed that you have been able to help everyone to know what is happening. I wanted to check in and see if maybe there would be something on your blog and I am thrilled to be able to hear what is happening and to see your pictures of Copeland and everyone. She has chosen a beautiful time to be born into this world.

It seems that one of her big missions is to tell the world that every moment is a precious one in which to live, that peace is here regardless of our circumstances. Her life shocks us out of what is troubling us into that peace. I am grateful that God has sent this message to me again and again, this time through your baby girl and the internet. I am going to rest in This moment. Good night to my dear friend, Boothe, you one of my surrogate children. I love you dear.

Love to Conor, Paula and Mike from Carol